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**2011 AQHA COLT  POCO JOE JOE by Kid Coolsified AQHA x Statues Roan Da AQHA by Statutory AQHA x Super Expensive AQHA

**2012 AQHA COLT (papers pending) Hammer by Kid Coolsified AQHA x Statuesque Roan Da AQHA


**2012 AQHA & APHA FILLY Solid (papers pending) Fair Little Playboy AQHA x Statutorys Sweet Pea AQHA/APHA by Statutory AQHA x  Super Macho Miss AQHA/APHA            

 **2012 AQHA & APHA Overo COLT (papers pending) Acoolest AQHA x Pretty Classic Miss AQHA/APHA by Kids Classic Style AQHA x Super Macho Miss APHA/AQHA 


**2012 AQHA & APHA COLT Solid  (papers pending) Acoolest AQHA x Super Macho Miss  APHA/AQHA

**2012 AQHA FILLY (papers pending) Fly By Night Rascal AQHA by Kids Classic Style AQHA x Super Expensive AQHA 
**2012 AQHA COLT (papers pending) Acoolest AQHA x FBN Leap of Faith AQHA by Kids Classic Style AQHA x Exciting Surprise AQHA

**2012 AQHA/APHA Solid FILLY (papers pending) Kid Coolsified AQHA X Pretty Classic Miss AQHA/APHA by Kids Classic Style AQHA x  Super Macho Miss APHA/AQHA

**2012 AQHA/APHA Solid COLT (papers pending) Kid Coolsified AQHA x Super Macho Miss APHA/AQHA


**2013 APHA/AQHA colts out of Merritt mares bred to Kid Coolsified AQHA, Mr Touchdown Kid X She Scores, Mr Touchdown Kid x Phenomenal Ms, Touchdown Cali x Attest, Touchdown Cali x Telusives Touchdown and Pretty Boy Boon AQHA.  Will list at a later time. 


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